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  1. Dark Lord Thomas Pie
    I mashed up the names of all the animals of it. It can bite with its 3 heads and lick people with a spiked tongue, and walk on walls, make webs and fly. It also can sting people and may or may...
  2. Gwynndamere
    What made you come up with that name? What are its characteristics- other than being fierce and blowing fire? (Or having a long spiked tongue- in case that isn’t fire)
  3. CelestialGrace
    Beautiful <3
  4. P.A. Trujillo
    Centinuus Is there a story attached to these units?
  5. Centinuus
    P.A. Trujillo was a long project to try to get them all down, but im glad it was worth it to some!

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