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  • Dear Reaver

    You will be glad to know that I have finally gotten around to posting your trigger story in my portfolio - just as you said I should.
    The smiley works. The new title seems to confirm that I spend far too much time posting here! :D I appreciate the kind words, however, as I seemed to have failed to ingratiate myself with some of the other moderators!
    Hia, you asked me a while back "if you're in the middle of nowhere...how do you know where you are?". Truth is I usually don't. >.<
    Hi I've just joined your fantasy adventure group and going by the number of your friends you seem to be an old hand here. I'm more used to facebook, my prose is integral with my illustrations and that makes it hard to share here so if you or any other friends or members would do me the kindness to view it there including the first chapter I would be grateful.
    " Muddle Puddle and the Whistling Shell" will be available from Apple's bookstore very soon so any author comments would be valued. 300 pages with over 50 illustrations check it out. And how do you add friends here. It's after midnight her in the Cambridgeshire fens and I'm off to me bed, I'll check in with my fingers crossed another day.
    Just noticed that you left a message on my profile. I haven't ever fished in the river here. I'm almost afraid to swim in it, wondering what's put into the water. How long since you've visited?
    Nice place to live, but a bit small and secluded for my taste.
    I don't know you, but I saw it's your birthday so i just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the offhand chance that someone hadn't said it yet. :) But they have, so I'll add mine to the pile. Hope it's a great one!
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Reaver,
    Happy Birthday to you,

    Hi rever, thanks for the friend request. Still learning how this works, hope I have cloicked on the right button to accept. Yeggs
    I don't know if I could complete the challenge--I don't really know you. The best I could do would be to have a character with your name
    Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I think you exemplify this fact: You can do anything as long as you put forth the effort. You wanted an awesome challenge, and you made one. You wanted to put the word out about making friends, and now we seem to have started a movement. I'm glad you're a part of this site. Thanks again.
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