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Stuart John Evison
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Dec 12, 2015
Apr 28, 2012
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Stuart John Evison

Minstrel, from Witchford, United Kingdom

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Dec 12, 2015
    1. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      Sorry folks, in case any one noticed I've been offline because of a crashed and burnt PC and I've missed being able to interact. My publisher has given me the use of a machine in the office so intermittently I'm back. When my computer whizz of an eldest son gets around to visiting I'll be back more frequently.
    2. Jabrosky
      Thanks for the friend request and the visitor message, but I'm not sure what the latter meant.
    3. Rikilamaro
      You're welcome for the welcome.
    4. Black Dragon
      Black Dragon

      Feel free to link to the first chapter of your book in a post in our Self-Promotion forum.
    5. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      As you can see I've managed to get some images up, prose is a different matter since it's illuminated.
    6. gavintonks
      hi thanks for hooking up my facebook is Gavin Tonks and my book page is fate of Aquarius if you wish to look as well
    7. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      Please excuse the misty ping.
    8. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      "Muddle Puddle and the Whistling Shell" is self illustrated and the only image I've been able to post is this profile image, its the cover artwork.
      Black Dragon has also informed me because my prose is illuminated I will have difficulty sharing it, tell me about it. Consequently if anyone reads this please go to:
      Stuart John Evison (AKA Stuart of Ely) on facebook, there the first chapter and most of the illustrations can be viewed. "Likes" appreciated.
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    Single but with a happy trio of children.

    "Tales of King Arther" Sir Thomas Mallory., Dan Dare, Arthur Rackham, Raymond Briggs, The Wind in th
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