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Black Dragon
Nov 23, 2010
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The Realm

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Black Dragon

Staff, Male, from The Realm


Enjoying the summer! :) Jun 2, 2018

    1. Jess Reynolds
      Jess Reynolds
      Hi I've managed to post the whole story as you can see into my Portfolio though I only meant one post, but haven't had any reactions yet. Also I can't find my way round the site as it's too confusing so can you help ? Thanks....
    2. C. L. Larson
      C. L. Larson
      I have noticed that some members have signatures that link to their books on Amazon. Is this allowed and if it is why am I unable to do so?
    3. Black Dragon
      Black Dragon
      Enjoying the summer! :)
    4. Aidan of the tavern
      Aidan of the tavern
      Thank you for the message master Dragon, and sorry for the late response. I'm on holiday at the moment so Scribing will be restricted to library internet.
    5. SeverinR
      Sorry, missed your comment on my town. Thanks
    6. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      Another question:
      As you will have seen I have a link on my facebook site to the first chapter of Muddle Puddle showcased on Issuu, can I post that same link here. http//issuu.com/stu.e/docs/_muddle-puddle_ch1_with_cover. Alternately I have discovered an old back up memory stick and have put the text from that into my desktop, how do I download that into my portfolio?
      "Who is this ignorant fool," I hear you ask.
      When I was at uni. in 1970 computers used paper tape and were as large as houses. Once I'd been forced to write a program to calculate all the prime numbers from 1 to infinity, I completely lost interest until my son brought me this machine last Xmas, that's my excuse anyway.
    7. Stuart John Evison
      Stuart John Evison
      I'm trying my best to get the hang of this but I still seem to be finding more problems than answers. I've made my 5 posts and still cannot show my illustrations in the gallery, not enough bytes allowed. As you said illuminated prose just not fit into anyone's submission guidelines and as I have said I'm not very good at submissive.
      "Muddle Puddle and the Whistling Shell" will be available from Apple's bookstore very shortly and some feedback and links would obviously be very useful.
      Sorted it, thank you.
    8. Aidan of the tavern
      Aidan of the tavern
      You sure seem to do one heck of a job behind the scenes here. This forum is quite something and its done a lot for me. Thanks.

    9. Pablo Camp
      Pablo Camp
      Hi! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my portfolio. Hope you enjoyed it :)
    10. Masronyx
      Hi! Just wanted to drop and say hello and thank you for the welcoming message! I have spent most of the day exploring the site and posting and I am enjoying myself. I have already gotten some ideas for my story just by writing and reading what's on here!
      Thanks again!
    11. Johnny Cosmo
      Johnny Cosmo
      Ah, okay. Thanks.
    12. Johnny Cosmo
      Johnny Cosmo
      Just curious, do mods have the ability to alter thread titles?
    13. Superderek
      Hi there. Just wanted to say hi. :>

      Who knew Project Wonderful could be...so wonderful?
    14. Mdnight Falling
      Mdnight Falling
      >^.^< Just thought I'd say hi
    15. The Realm Wanderer
      The Realm Wanderer
      150 members!! Getting bigger...duh duh dum
    16. Parqstu
      Congrats on 147 members, matey.
    17. At Dusk I Reign
      At Dusk I Reign
      Congratulations on 101 members already! MS is growing fast.:)
    18. willg71
      I'M not sure if I properly sent you my reply, regarding your interest in my Smoke Dragon #5 sculpture. I'm still trying to acclimate to interacting via the net. If you could just send me a quick reply so I cant tell if I'm replying properly. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.
    19. At Dusk I Reign
      At Dusk I Reign
      I'm sure I'll end up replying to myself at some point. To be honest, there are a few instances when I've managed to stop myself just in time.:D

      And a new car already? You work quick! I'm still deciding on what kind of PC to buy...
    20. At Dusk I Reign
      At Dusk I Reign
      You do know that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, right?:D

      I'd have thought a technocrat would have known better. I thought I was being ignored.:(

      You'll have to slap your own wrist as I can't reach from here.:p.

      Thanks for the compliment, though. No-one's ever accused me of being thoughtful before. I may just take a screenshot and have that comment framed.

      I'm glad the forum's growth is proceeding apace, it seems to have attracted a fine bunch of people. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

      (And good luck with your car - I may just join you in keeping the global economy going and buy a new PC.)
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    The Realm
    Black Dragon is a magical beast who dwells in the forests of Alfheim.
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