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At Dusk I Reign
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  • I would love to take the responsibility for making him feel sad. The guy is, for lack of a better word, a twat :D
    By the way. If your face changed as much as your avatar you'd be called a shapeshifter. You've got a new one every day.
    What's more amazing is the effect PhotoShop can have on said pictures ;)
    So no mod powers eh, what was it, 'fraid you'd go mad with power?
    Still, the title's gotta be nice. Someone on here gets outta line -
    "Freeze, take your hands off the keyboard"
    "Who the f**k are you?"
    "I'm Staff Biatch"
    My imagination is just bursting with possibilities haha
    And don't feel down about the six-shooter. You were in the market for an air rifle anyway. Now it's more than cats that will fear you :D
    Ahh unlucky buddy. I can't see how so many damn people could be interested enough to even camp out overnight just for someone's wedding. It's ridiculous. I mean, I see it's obviously important because he is royalty but still, I was a lot more interested in the bride :)
    I can't say I did no. My life, as boring as it is, is not bad enough to watch a wedding on tele, royal or otherwise. However I did catch a few glimpses of the sexy new princess ;)
    That one brought a grin to my face, well played ;)
    Please, for the love of...well animals, don't kick any cats. You may offend them as they are unable to do the same.
    It wouldn't be a fair fight. You either bite its neck and scratch at its eyes or you leave them the hell alone :p
    Of course I could always discard half a chapter or so and let you in, but that's up to my fingers, and they've been working pretty hard lately. :)
    Well there's always a way to be sure. Just ask youself if you're enjoying it over here ;)
    As far as my imagination goes, it is already cluttered with the inner workings of my novel. Trying to squeeze a segment in there for you my good friend would surely dislodge my apparently already questionable psychological state. Haha.
    Ha, I guess not, but then again, you did find your way back to my realm eventually didn't you?? And after all, I am a patient soul, but I submit, I will use convo's from this day forth!!
    haha don't worry mine does the same all the time! those damned pixies! ;)
    Maybe, maybe not. I've got at least five books in the queue ahead of it, so we shall see. Thanks for the warning though.
    Hey Dusk. No worries! I've been offline for a bit myself. I came back on this afternoon for a bit and was astounded by all the new content. :)
    Ah... I replied to myself in the last message. Duh!

    I'm not much of a technocrat really. I'm still learning. :)

    I ended up buying a Subaru Forester. It's reliable and safe, which are primary concerns now that I'm a dad.
    Your welcome Tom. I can't aggree with you on too much friends, i preffere my own company :p. Beer on the other hand, isn't my thing... :)
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