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Donny Bruso
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  • You'll have to wait for my opinion on Hyperion I'm afraid, Don. Someone recently gave me a copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and I've become quite engrossed in it. I think you'll have finished Hyperion before I've even started reading it.:p
    It's a nice pose. Very dramatic. I expect you to announce the arrival of aliens or something.:D

    Having said all that, posting in my profile would've been helpful. I was starting to feel unloved. I'm a delicate soul really....:(
    Lol, Yes, that is me. I was trying my hand at some photography, and since models are difficult to find and/or expensive, It was easier to just get in front of the camera
    Hello! Thanks for the request! Nice pic, by the way. I presume it's you and not some generic clothes model trawled off the internet. Not that it matters. I'm easy, as my missus has noted on many occasions.:D
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