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The Realm Wanderer
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  • I expect Mr. Clegg will be gone very soon. The knives seem to be out for him already. No great loss to the world of politics...

    As for my avatar, I've got a butterfly mind - it flits about all over the place. I'll try and stick with this one for a while.:D
    I think there's some part of me that would go mad with a bit of power. Best to keep it locked away and not tempt fate, eh?:p

    (Which is why I've decided not to buy an air rifle after all. Could lead to difficulties, especially in regard to the drunken dweebs I sometimes catch urinating in my garden of a night...):eek:
    Heh heh, they probably have. It's amazing the effect a photograph can have. Blackmail? That's such a dirty word...:D

    You don't have to worry about me deleting your posts and replacing them with obscenities, though - I specifically didn't want any mod powers - that kind of thing is way beyond my level of technical competence. I got a shiny new title is all - I'm kind of like the deputy to the sheriff's deputy - I can haul people off to the drunk tank but I'm not allowed any bullets in my six-shooter in case I blow my own toes off.:p
    Cheers, RW.:)

    When I heard the couple had cancelled their honeymoon I thought they'd finally developed a social conscience and were taking heed of the country's economic woes. But no. It was for 'security' reasons. Typical.:mad:
    Ha ha, good for you. I missed the whole thing, not only through choice but mainly because the water tank in my attic ruptured and I spent the entire day trying to find a plumber who wasn't booked up 'til Christmas. Oh well. Some people had fun, apparently.:D
    So, RW, did you watch the wedding yesterday? Did it make your life complete? Did you organise a street party and wave a little flag?:D
    I'm not saying anything else in case the RSPCA get onto me; I'd have a tough time explaining all those dead foxes in my shed.:p
    Discard the half-chapter, dammit! I'm important! I exist on the internet! That counts for something, right?

    No? Oh well...:p

    And to assauge any fears you might have, the cats in my neighbourhood are quite safe. Until I buy an air rifle. Then they're gonna pay!:mad:
    I don't deserve a squeezed segment?

    I'm hurt. Truly. I may just go and kick the cat.*

    *I don't actually own a cat, but the first one I meet is in for a surprise...:p
    Ah yes, your realm...quite possibly only enjoyable to those with certain psychological conditions. I shall tread warily here...

    I'm glad you're posting on my profile now, though - I was beginning to think I was a figment of your imagination.:D
    The flaw, of course, is that unless I check your profile I won't know if you've responded or not. As is the case with your most recent post.:p
    Me, I make no suggestions, nor do I make any judgements. However, I do make a point of appreciating the hidden messages within writing :p
    As for my profile, it is my own. Surely that the best place to write anything I have to say?
    Some people believe that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness...I say no. Walking up to a stranger, putting your arm around their shoulders and beginning a conversation with them...that is the true definition of madness. Talking to one's self is the most sane thing a man can do.
    And your eyes my Dear Friend can not stretch the distance. You forget, I am The Realm Wanderer. I have been places you cannot fathom nor pronounce, have seen colours you knew not existed, have witnessed things no mortal should see! Haha I got carried away...
    Emphasis? What? I hope you're not suggesting anything there - I harbour no cynical thoughts about anyone. Pure as the driven snow, that's me.:D

    (Oh, and as I've mentioned to the God of All Things, posting in your own profile is the first sign of madness. I shall be keeping a close eye on you from now on. A very close eye...

    *cue scary music*:p
    Hey Tom, thanks for making this visitor page a little less...empty :)
    Yeah I am liking it here. It's a decent place.
    Nice emphasis on interesting by the way, sly. Haha.
    Wotcha, Wanderer! Cheers for the FR. I hope you're enjoying your time here on Mythic Scribes - I haven't been here long myself but it's a fun forum, filled to the brim with 'interesting' people.:D
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