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Aidan of the tavern
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  • sorry for the late reply I have been pretty busy lately. Life's good for me right now. Summer vacation so yay! What about you?
    ugh my biology class makes me so mad. :mad: they keep talking about cats like they're some sort of criminalistic predator that should be killed immediately. Me, being a cat person, of course had to tell them that they were wrong but the boys in my class for some reason are fixed on killing animals. one of my classmates even killed an innocent terrapin today during our lab outside. :stomp:
    Yes exactly. My cats are actually pretty nice to me because i respect them and love them. and I hate how other people are like, "Oh dogs are so much better because if you died your dog would be sad and try to bring you back to life while the cat would just eat you." I don't think that would happen. I highly doubt that would happen. I like dogs but I like cats as well and I have more cats than dogs so yea.
    Me too. Although I have many cats. Too many to name. Not all were wanted but I can't just turn away an animal in need. My main cat's name is Ozzy and my dog's name is bj. :)
    Thanks, I enjoy it a lot! Friendly forum with alot of interesting articles and stories as well as people ;)
    Thanks for the praise, good sir! There's always more of my work floating around somewhere, if you're looking for it. Some of it just gets away from me at times, and pops up in the strangest places.
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