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  • Hi Sparkie.
    I think I'll make your challenge the first of my Mythic Scribes challenge experiences. :)
    The First Law look interesting. Have you read any George R.R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss. They are amazing.
    Damn, and I'd taken care to select those syringes...

    I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed my Reaver entry. I tend to be bizarre and snarky in my average posts, but my writing is pretty straight-laced. It's an odd dynamic. I've never written a comedy, and I've never written a story without a sense of humor.

    Anyhoo, I look forward to hearing your full opinion come April. And I've got to say, I don't envy your position as judge in that challenge; there are a lot of good entries.
    Thanks for the kind words, my friend. But let us not forget that it just wouldn't be the same without your er...spark.:D
    Hey Sparkie.
    Reaver has his moments of enlightened genius. I've brought some ale, lets toast to our continued fruitful stay here at the Scribes, my friend.
    Your lucky Sparks (can I call you that) you got a good friend in reaver. I'll post here if you post on mine. Deal?
    Black Dragon you should check out my page :)
    Dude! You rock! I can't believe you don't have any messages on your page!
    You better believe that i"m gonna put the word out!

    Keep on truckin' my friend!
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