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  • I read Game of Thrones. I liked it. Never read any Rothfuss, but he's on my to-read list, along with 50 other authors.

    I've read more R.A. Salvatore than I care to mention, so for sheer quantity I'd say the Drizzt stuff. Right now, though, I'd say my favorite series is The First Law, even though I haven't finished the last book.

    Why haven't I finished it? I dunno. I guess I have a feeling there's no way this tale can end well.
    Hey! Thanks for posting on my page.

    Wow, your page looks so much cooler than mine. Firebirds, plus a shot of Cloud and his pal. What's that guy's name again? I can never remember.

    Anyhow, here's to a long-lasting Mythic Scribes friendship.
    Haven't they learned by now with the millions of sales still to this day that the comedy (and TNT innuendo) of Reno and Rude are what made that film. :3
    I misspell things all the time. It's mainly why I switched to chrome, it tells me off if I spell things wrong.
    I haven't seen it yet, I hear a lot of the jokes have been taken out though.
    I misspelled Tifa! Oh, well I shall leave it as it is. Have you watched the new version? I forgot what's called. The story isn't much different, just the action. Seemed better then the original.
    Oh yes I see the gold Phoenix!
    I ignored the voice acting mostly, your teeth just grate together when Tifa spoke and when clouds being all depressive D:
    Reno and Rude were awesome! My two favorite duo in the series. Advent Children's English version was terrible though. Voice acting anyways. Tiffa was like a robot.
    Yes, success! I think my page got it now! Hopefully it won't go back to a green background.
    I loved that the only full sentence he said in Advent Children was "where can I buy a phone?"
    I laughed so hard. Not as much as I did at Reno and Rude though.
    Ah, the poor demented tortured soul. As long as he breathes I guess he's alive. But probably not emotionally or socially.
    Yeah Zack was my favourite character too next to Aerith. All the good characters are dead apart from Vincent. I don't know if you can count Vincent as alive though. lol
    Ha thanks. Yeah I liked Zack better then Cloud, but we know what happened there. I did have an awesome background, but it decided to disappear on me. Gotta do it again...sigh.
    Final Fantasy! One of the better pictures I have seen of Zack and Cloud. :3
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