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  • Hey Michael, I just started reading The Viscount and the Witch, enjoying it thus far. I was on your site and looking at your other works, likely going to be getting them here shortly ( have 2 active books I am reading I want to finish first) I was just wondering what the word count is. I don't mind larger books (200k plus) but when they are that big I find it hard to read anything else, and I like to have a couple books going at one time. So if you happen to know off hand cause there doesn't seem to be a page or word count listed on amazon (which isn't too uncommon) I'd appreciate the information. Thank you sir.
    Oh, and The Crown Conspiracy is the 1st book in the series correct?
    Seth I answered you in DM but for others who might visit here and wonder the same thing - the book is PG-13. I wrote it to be read by my then thirteen-year-old daughter.
    hey micheal,
    i know what you mean. not everything on this site is straightforward.

    thanks a bunch, this does help a lot. the books definitely sound interesting. i think i might get them soon.

    thanks again,
    Hey I'm Luke on Goodreads. Thanks for giving the time to talk to the community. Awesome.
    hi micheal,
    i was thinking about picking up riyria rev. if you had to give it a viewer rating (G, PG, etc.) what would it be and why? (sex, violence, etc.)

    thanks a bunch,

    ps. thanks a lot for your comments in the forums. i've already learned a lot from you.
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