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Black Dragon
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  • You do know that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, right?:D

    I'd have thought a technocrat would have known better. I thought I was being ignored.:(

    You'll have to slap your own wrist as I can't reach from here.:p.

    Thanks for the compliment, though. No-one's ever accused me of being thoughtful before. I may just take a screenshot and have that comment framed.

    I'm glad the forum's growth is proceeding apace, it seems to have attracted a fine bunch of people. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

    (And good luck with your car - I may just join you in keeping the global economy going and buy a new PC.)
    Hey Dusk,

    Thanks! I can't take too much credit, though. What's really causing the forum to grow are the high quality, thoughtful posts. Yours have been among the best.

    I hope that you get the computer issues straightened out soon. I know something about Gremlins... my car has been breaking down regularly for different reasons. I need to buy a new one this week.
    Hullo! How's life treating you?:)

    My computer seems to be haunted at the moment, so if I vanish it doesn't mean I've forgotten about this place (not that I expect anyone to notice:eek:), it just means I need to chase down some gremlins with a very big hammer.

    On a side note, it's nice to see the member list increasing by the day too. Well done!
    Halftime and the Star-Spangled mangle... lots to wonder about the Super Bowl... even the commercials left me wanting... though I am psyched about Captain America!
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