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  • Hi.

    I just saw what you wrote in the thread about research. I recognized the tavern you mentioned because I visited Prague once and went to that tavern. I just find it truly amazing someone mentioned that very same tavern here. So amazing, I decided to actually send you a message.

    It was a great experience and though the food was excellent, maybe the best thing was the behaviour of waiter who was truly in-character. He would serve you but not be too polite but at the same he would be funny, witty and interesting.

    If someone desires a waiter who will serve you and try to please you, this is not a place for them. But it truly is a great experience.

    Also, the skulls were fake in my opinion. They looked convincing, though. And waiter was telling, "Of course they are real." when I asked him. But I wouldn't expect any other answer from someone so in-character.

    I hope you don't mind I wrote this. I just wanted to, after reading about your drawing inspiration from that tavern.
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