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Sep 3, 2013
Apr 10, 2011
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Sittard, Limburg, The Netherlands
Student, Translator

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Minstrel, from Sittard, Limburg, The Netherlands

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Sep 3, 2013
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    Sittard, Limburg, The Netherlands
    Student, Translator
    well, I'm Lars I don't know what to say here.
    But i will write something. As you can see I am 21 years old.
    Further more I am a fantasy Fan, no I don't dress up like my favorite characters (although this might be fun). I also like to be on stage this I discovered two years back at KVW (this is an origanisation that entertains childeren for two weeks durning the summer holiday). I'm verry involved with this organisation and I enjoy working with children there.

    In my free time I game, paint, read and write. Further more I Realy like anime and I'm learning the Japanese language (YAY).

    Some things I Realy hate:
    - People who cheat on their Partners, So do not contact me If You ever cheated on someone.
    - People Who do not respect others for who they are
    - Shallow People. who look only at one's appearance.

    some other things about me:

    Yes, I smoke but I'm willing to stop for the RIGHT person. I do not drink beer if i can help it (sure when i go out i'll drinksome if i want some alcohol, since it is the cheapest). further more, i have diabetes and i have to inject myself with insuline four times a day, so yes i need to drink light drinks (juck). although cocacola zero is pretty nice. I think that is it.

    I am told I'm Mr. Gooddy 2 shoes.. I do not believe that... Even I Have a bit of an Evil side. I just hide it from the world. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I also Play Dungeons and Dragons, only my own group is down ATM. But Now I play DnD with other friends of my once a month. XD

    Have I reached the 1000 words yet? I believe not, But hey lets keep on typing. I have a lot of respect for you is you actualy read through this bloody nonsense. But hey, I'm borred so what do I do? You've guessed it! Type Bloody nonsense!

    I am openminded, calm, spontaneous and fun.

    Writing Fantasy, reading, Anime, KVW


    May Dorkness Consume You

    Every Hero needs some... I mean "A" Heroine