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I'm currently finalizing plans for a novel.

Attempting to create atmospheric stories in the following subgenres: dark fantasy, psychological horror, low fantasy, weird, surreal, psychological drama, fantasy of manners, slipstream, etc.

Influences & Inspirations: fairy tales, folklore, myths, folk songs, urban legends, tall tales, ghost stories, the paranormal and the uncanny, oddities, strange facts, abnormal psychology and sociology, mass hysteria and delusions, societies and subcultures, trying to understand people's motives, typology (MBTI/Jungian cognitive functions, a bit of enneagram), my own anxieties, forensic TV shows, anime, navel-gazing, a rural upbringing, the landscape of New Mexico, places I want to visit (real or imagined), the weather and the sky, and the light _____________________________________________

procrastination, music, baking, typology, reading, daydreaming, dryer lint collection
Land of Enchantment


"It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." – Mark Twain


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