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  • I haven't used this feature before. It's sort of like Facebook!

    Anyway, yeah the series is fantastic in my opinion, but I think it suffers a bit from long-winded-ness (is that a word?) sometimes. It's still my favorite series ever. If you like Martin may I also suggest sampling Steven Erikson, David Anthony Durham, R. Scott Bakker, and Joe Abercrombie. They were all recommended to me from reading Martin and I love all of them too. Maybe they're not your cup of tea, but I'm really into them.
    I'm currently using Ywriter which has no spelling or grammar tools, though I'll most likely use open office for spellchecking ect. when I'm ready for it.
    TBH it was more of a moan about Americanisms than anything else, and the fact that Microsoft especially automatically assumes you want American spellings
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