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    What do you do when you feel like quitting?

    I've read through this thread, and I’m impressed with the comments. It's a topic that appears frequently and, for me, never loses its interest. Before I began to write fiction, I never had a problem with the so-called “writer’s block”. I was a professional Arts journalist and my writing was...
  2. Judith Rook

    Ask me about swords.

    The story begins in 1950s England. The scythe belongs to that world. The action moves into a similar parallel world within the multiverse. The sword belongs there. I thought that different sharpening techniques would help to define the different worlds but if, as you suggest, that would...
  3. Judith Rook

    Hail and Well Met

    Although my name is not apparently mythic, and I chose it well before I discovered Mythic Scribes, it carries significance for its bearer. It is not, of course, my real name but "Rook" has been with me ever since I was brought up within hearing of a rookery and observed the birds' intelligent...
  4. Judith Rook

    Ask me about swords.

    In an extended short story I am writing a character sharpens a scythe blade. Later on in the story he sharpens a sword blade. I would like to make the two sharpening techniques different, if that is possible. For example, would the strokes of the whetstone move away from the body in both...