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Hail and Well Met

Judith Rook

New Member
Although my name is not apparently mythic, and I chose it well before I discovered Mythic Scribes, it carries significance for its bearer. It is not, of course, my real name but "Rook" has been with me ever since I was brought up within hearing of a rookery and observed the birds' intelligent behaviour. So when the time came for me to choose a name that both showed and hid me, I chose "Rook". It seemed right.
I don't write fantasy - yet. Instead I write Sci-fi, but my latest works fall squarely into the "Space Opera" genre which can sometimes spill over into fantasy.
I came here because I need a question answered, but I have decided to join because this is a truly excellent site, easy to use and full of ideas and information. Whoever set it up should be congratulated. I am looking forward to learning more about the members and their writing.
Thank you for admitting me as a member.


Myth Weaver
Err... Hail and well met Judith Rook

We are glad to have you here.
I think this is a fairly remarkable place all in all.
Share what you know and learn what you need.
I'm partial to the odd Corvus myself... we have a lot of them around work. Watching, always watching...


I am a big fan of space opera and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on that fun sub genre.

Hope you enjoy your time here, jump right in to any topics that interest you and if you don't see the ones that do...start your own threads!



I think I can speak for everyone in general when I say that sci fi writers are most welcome here as well! Naturally there's so much overlap and commonality between fantasy and sci fi that many of us read and/or write both. I love your use of the name Rook. It makes an excellent pen name for an SFF writer.