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Hail and well met!


Aspiring writer of day dreams. Been scribbling things down since I was a teenager way back in the 70s. I'll let you do the math. Retired Soldier, Engineer and renaissance man. I look forward to seeing what everyone does and hopefully you see what I do and helping me get on the track to some measure of success.


Myth Weaver
Howdy Septimus, Welcome here.

Dragon was watching cartoons and mostly playing outside in the 70's. Was a soldier, is still an engineer (IT side), and has his own Renaissance attributes ;)


Hi and welcome. Are you scribbling a novel, a short story, or a piece of non-fiction?
Is this S. Severus?


To the first question...yes. To the second question...no. Recently wrote 2 shorts stories, both around 8k words and I am working on two novels. All fiction, though I wrote some pretty good stuff in grad school that was entirely non-fiction on colonial America.