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Hail and well met!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Knight Viking, May 12, 2019.

  1. Knight Viking

    Knight Viking New Member


    I stumbled upon this community looking for a list of names used for magic-users. Hoping that time spent here will bear fruit for my writing and that I may help others as well.

    A little about me: My name is Taylor. I've been working on building a fantasy world for about five years now. Progress has come in fits and starts as I just finished college last year and worked full-time to put myself through it. However, my liberated time has given me the chance to actually begin writing narrative! Nevertheless, the world remains under construction.

    A little about my world: In the cyclical void of A'hül, in the light of Ljös, revolves a world called Padar. Padar is the jewel of A'hül and the envy of the gods; a world of vast oceans teaming with life and life-giving, living forests and waking jungles, immense deserts, and massive mountainscapes. It is a world of stargazing elves and enigmatic fae; of younger races whose squabbles and politics reflect the former's ancient history. Far from the broken archipelago called the Cradle of Man, humanity has established superiority on Tyramh. Five powerful nations have risen since the world was shaken by their arrival on Tyramh (pronounced, teer-AHV).

    To quell the wars and conflicts of humanity, to seek peace and control those humans descended from the elder races, the elves and fae established the Second Order of Wyrach, mirroring a similar group that passed into time some thousand years prior. This knightly order is made up of mortal who can manipulate natural forces, commonly called wyr or magic. individuals born descended of the elder (elves), fairer (fae), or skilled (both) who exhibit the Ainarö's'erœmh, a mental bond to a Löd Star, providing them the mental alacrity to understand and incant the wyrwords - a language of inherent meaning - and the energy to cast and shape wyr.

    This is a pretty brief overview of my world and the magic my characters use in it. I'll go into more detail in other posts. Looking forward to talking with you all more!
  2. pmmg

    pmmg Auror

    Howdy KV. Welcome here. You have seemingly a distinctive sound to the names you have already used. Are all characters if this sort?
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  3. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well met Knight Viking aka Taylor
    Good to have you here.
    Wow - That's a lot of world building right there. Intriguing!
    Leap on in and see you around.
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  4. Knight Viking

    Knight Viking New Member

    Thanks, pmmg!

    I have a base language that is continually under construction called Elvhain (commonly known as Elvish in world). Elves were the first sapient creations on Padar, so their language predates and takes precedence over most others. IRL, the language is derived primarily from Irish Gaelic with some Old Norse and Hebrew influences, and, of course, some things just from my own mind. In world, Elvhain is a derivative of the Wyrwords, formally known as Ain'urdé. So, Elvhain is a shade of the magic language of the world, which is why the language compels emotion when spoken properly.

    That said, there are various other languages that have an influence upon my world and take influence from our world. Off the top of my head:
    Kälä-Jorünnic is the language of Välkara and Skændic nations and is derived from Finnish and Icelandic;
    Akan is the language of Nanros and the Akano nations and is derived from Japanese and Chinese;
    Kthiri is the official language of Kthiria and is derived from Arabic, though many other Qani languages are spoken per folk traditions;
    Old Jolish is essentially Anglo-Saxon, though it's no longer spoken;
    Old Raetin is essentially Latin, though it's no longer spoken either;
    English is Bohrish and is considered the common tongue (for obvious reasons);

    Most of these are just used as needed and aren't fully functional conlang. However, I do intend for Elvhain to be a fully independent language one day.
  5. Knight Viking

    Knight Viking New Member

    Thanks! Looking forward to good conversation and being able to share more of my work.

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