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    Thoughts on Grimdark Fantasy?

    So that's what I'm hearing from one side....but then I have a hard time seeing Game of thrones series or the broken empires series as being so far off the deep end in terms of sadism that its just murder porn... I'm not sure if people are throwing anything with a bit of what I might call realism...
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    Thoughts on Grimdark Fantasy?

    Personally from what I've been reading and looking at blogs I'm not particularly convinced that grimdark is really genre on it's own...or rather that it means a lot of different things to other people who emphasize different things....whether emphasis on moral grey characters situations /...
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    Thoughts on Grimdark Fantasy?

    That's the one. A blog post not article, apologies.
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    Thoughts on Grimdark Fantasy?

    I think links need approval / I posted the copy pasted the address, but if you google Mark Lawrence: Who's Angry About Grimdark? it should come up
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    The Flavour and Ambience of Reality

    The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O was an absolute treasure in regard to this concept or spin thereof, it grounds the disappearance of 'magic' in science and then the recreation of it therein again. I don't want to get to much in the details but of the novels I've seen roundabout this theme, it was...
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    Thoughts on Grimdark Fantasy?

    Not sure this is entirely the right thread - but what I have been writing would probably fall quite comfortably into grimdark fantasy. At the least in a morally grey, at best, character sense. To some extent it can be seen as an origin story for what will later in that world be dark and shadowy...
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    Hello all! I just finished my first manuscript, which was a very exciting moment. I even formatted and put it on my kindle for fun: look it's a book! Afterwards of course the cold realization that writing the manuscript might not have actually been the hardest part began to set it. So I spent...