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Hello all!

I just finished my first manuscript, which was a very exciting moment. I even formatted and put it on my kindle for fun: look it's a book! Afterwards of course the cold realization that writing the manuscript might not have actually been the hardest part began to set it. So I spent some time trawling the internet for blogs and such and am trying to slowly rejoin the world of social media that I had mostly abandoned. This forum seemed like a great place to dip my toes back in the water as I'm fairly certain that at some point or another I'll have to actually be comfortable talking to people about a manuscript instead of jealously guarding it. Joking somewhat aside, I thought that participating in these forums, talking to other people about writing etc, might be an important step if I actually want to be an author rather than someone who has all these pages piling up for no reason.



Myth Weaver
Hail and well-met Justin
Good to have you here.
This a great place to learn and share.
Leap on in and enjoy!