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Hello, hey, hi, nice to meet ya, how ya doing?

Do you have a moment? Yes? Great! It'll only take just a bit longer. My name is Renè Williams but you can call me Renè or New Guy or Fish. But I can't swim so if you call me Fish then i'd be a dead fish. Speaking of dead fish, I grew up spending a lot of time on an island on a river in Pennsylvania which means there was also a nuclear reactor basically in my backyard. I'm married, both to a woman and a profession. Writing has always been a hobby and passion to which I am now, at 31, prepared to dedicate alot more time and effort. Not just in my own of course, I'd love to put much time and effort into helping others as well as I believe that's the way the world should work. We can make it work that way, right? At least here, in our little corner we call a forum? You seem like a happy, healthy, willing, smart, experienced bunch, so I trust you'll be good mentors and role models. If not well then that's okay too, I have little expectation and high hopes. In case you didn't notice, I'm also bad with time management, so i'll let you go now and wish you do good, be well, and that we meet again soon!