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    No one is eating shit. -.- More like possibly producing less of it with a more efficient digestive system or something of the sorts.
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    Electromagnetism and plasma physics questions

    kennyc- I done answered that, no point in stating it again. See above a few posts. As I write recreationally, not for anyone to read but those I choose, I could care less what any readers want. For me, fiction is a pleasant exercise of my mind. I wouldn't ask these damn questions if I had any...
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    The Walking Dead

    ascanius- My boyfriend and I noticed the same problem, the Great Wall of Alexandria being a good example.
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    Electromagnetism and plasma physics questions

    Yep, tis an ionized gas, the most abundant and probably the strangest state of matter in the known universe. Has a special place in my heart. And I imagine that hella hot flame (which I'd love to see a picture of but can only find colder average blowtorch flames on Google) would be one of those...
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    MC's hair colour?

    I seem to go for mostly brown, black and blonde tied for second, and red is rare as in real life. Brown and black are the dominant colors in many species, and I know I tend to prefer brown hair in a mate. In my current WIP, I've got 3 blonde females (sisters from a race of mostly redheads and...
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    What is the most gripping novel you've ever read? Fantasy or otherwise?

    Harry Potter, I'd finish every book the day I got it, and Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Even my mom loved them, and I thought they'd be too much fantasy for her. Those books really make you think.
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    Electromagnetism and plasma physics questions

    Thanks for the relevant and well-organized info. It isn't for a fusion reactor per se, but for another system operating in a similar matter. And because I'm a nitpicky bitch, I like to have a sound foundation to avoid logical inconsistencies, and the characters care. At least some do, some...
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    Electromagnetism and plasma physics questions

    So this idea comes from the tokamak, which I seem to be having trouble finding information on, and I'm not too sure how accurate Wikipedia is. I also lack the math skills to process much of this information; I'm a physics enthusiast, not a physics expert. So here goes....1: What is the operating...
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    Putting Myths and Monsters in a Fantasy World

    Huh maybe I should tell my little brother about Cthulu next time he grabs my tit. That oughta teach him. I like when monsters just come out of nowhere, similar to when a kraken-like monster randomly snakes a tentacle up the shore and rips an important character's head off.
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    What exactly do human waste products (1, 2, and sweat for good measure) actually contain in the way of water percentages, other fluids, and especially leftover nutrients and fuel? Are there fats, carbs, and proteins that humans excrete but other animals can use for energy? Why exactly are those...
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    How to make Elves interesting?

    There's just something about lean sexy arboreal archers with pointy ears, and that's the only preconceptions I usually have about elves. Though I'll take almost anything as long as they have pointy ears. My own elves start with those basic traits, lean pointy-eared forest humanoids, though...
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    Geeks, Nerds and Dorks.

    I've been referred to as all three terms at many points in my life, and I do see a distinct difference. At least to me, a geek implies more of a fangirl/fanboy, someone with a strong interest and/or vast knowledge in various usually non-practical entertainment topics. Anime, video games, comics...
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    Creation of Vampires

    Well what does the ritual consist of? Just being bitten, drinking their sire's blood, both, none of the above? I say a vampire is someone who has fangs, drinks blood, and doesn't sparkle in the sunlight. Whether it kills them or empowers them matters not, as long as they don't sparkle.
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    The dangers of real-world plants

    If deadly plants are more accessible than knives, then do you have a kitchen? If so, do you cut your food with spoons? I may be a bit biased, but I see dozens of ads every day promoting the safety and usefulness of toxic manmade chemicals, most of which parents expose their children to without a...
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    Human vs Man

    I prefer "human" in my own writing to refer our kind, if only because "man" is used to refer to the adult males of almost any hominid species. But as others seem to agree, the whole "politically correct" thing is much more annoying.