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  • "This is a nice place." I take a long pull on my mug. "I hope they have cookies. I do so love those pink and white ones with sprinkles."
    Where am I? What can I do here? Why does it have to be that way? Who can show me the way out? When can we go? Which door should we take?
    *All the hugs.* Sounds like you're definitely busy. On my end ... In medical school and going through creative withdrawal. I graduate in two years, though, and will no longer be stressing about the bills! (So far I've avoided debt, and should have enough money until the last semester when I might need a $1000 loan. I can pay that back with my first pay check.)
    Hey Selene! Life is loco. Too many hours, too many students, but enough debt to warrant working ourselves even more. Has been better recently though.
    Hope that all is well on your end. I've missed talking to you, even if life has been hectic for both of us.
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