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  • Writer problems #X+11: When your MCs soundtrack is a mixture of cheesy 80's rock and late 90's futurepop.
    Writer problems #X+10: When your MC is an absolute jerk and you have to keep yourself from making excuses for him.
    Writer problems #X+8: Coming up with the name of a travel magazine that's popular among dwarves.
    Writer problem #X+7: Trying real hard not to include a phrase from your favourite childhood book because it just doesn't seem right.
    Writer problem #X+6: Going to the kitchen to make a coffee and coming back with a cranberry-chocolate-yoghurt smoothie.
    Writer problem #X+5: Sitting at the coffee shop and not being able to write because there's a cute little dog that needs being looked at.
    Writer problem #X+4: Not being able to write because the niece is watching baby TV on the laptop.
    Writer problem #X+2: Shortening "human supremacist" to "humanist" only to later realise it doesn't quite carry the same meaning anymore.
    Writer problem #X+1: Swapping seats at the coffee shop three times and still not being in my favourite spot.
    Writer problems #X: An unexpected action scene appears and confuses the plot. That's unexpected as in "this wasn't part of the outline."
    Writer problems #325: Not being able to write because you can't find your knitted fingerless gloves.
    With a grin he noticed he was thinking about himself in third person past tense. Perhaps he'd been writing too much lately?
    Beginning the story with having your character browse a book shop seems to have a lot of potential, and plenty of pitfalls.
    Doing the long overdue timeline for the backstory of my current WiP, and I discover that my MC went to uni to become a structural engineer.
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