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  1. F

    Retrograde Earth lore building and discussion

    As shown here, I have started to create a story thread for my timeline where the Earth begins to spin the other way, exploring my existing lore of this world’s human and animal denizens that have changed over the years since my timeline’s point of divergence. I wanted to create this thread to...
  2. somerandomkid

    How to deal with two "chosen ones"?

    I have a story that, so far, has two chosen ones. Neither was created naturally; one by cult ritual and the other by specific experimental breeding of a part-angel human and a part-devil human. Essentially, the one created by ritual (D) was raised to be the messiah for the isolated cult he...
  3. BlufftonSWK

    I would appreciate feedback on my Magic System

    Hello! I used to use these forums years ago, though I lost my original username and the email associated with it. I recently got back into writing, and I'm going back to a story I've worked with on and off for a few years. I'm working on the magic system for my story, and I was hoping I could...
  4. J

    Getting opinions

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the foundations of my world I put it up on youtube for convenience sake. I just got done with the major races and I plan on making videos on locations to fill the world with interesting places if anyone is interested in telling me what you...
  5. Jinxed Joker

    Looking for a critical group!

    Greetings! I am looking for 4-5 community critique partners with range into middle grade/ young teen. I want extra eyes that can review in an unbiased way and help me understand where I’m wandering off or where I can tighten things up! I’m working on a fantasy series and would love to have...