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  1. Asdrashari_Tales

    Ideas on designing an eastern pantheon (Ainu/Japanese/Chinese inspired)?

    I'm inspired by eastern cultures and am keen to have a quartet of deities implemented in my worldbuilding (myths and tales will come soon when the time comes). As I wanted the deities to be as relatable as possible, I have chosen each one of them to represent a basic necessity of life that is...
  2. Finchbearer

    What do you look for in a book cover?

    Let’s face it, we all judge a book by its cover! I mean, no it’s not the most important thing, but the designer in me is looking forward to playing around with visuals. I have some fairytale / fantasy short stories that I’d like to publish online within the next month or so, and I’m starting...
  3. Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101 I will not say I know everything about worldbuilding, but I do have a good knowledge of how to so light worldbuilding, like that of Harry Potter, and Hard worldbuilding, like that of The Lord of The Rings. (Please note that in this I will be using Medieval Fantasy as my base...