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  1. HokuRyu

    Dreams, Reality, Afterlife

    Dreams have always been my primary inspiration. In my first book, Reliquary, I want to lay the framework of the relationship between dreams and reality. They kind of echo off one another and I see dreams as our a second soul where we can wander between dimensions. However, I feel like my...
  2. S.T. Ockenner

    The Realms

    So, I have a rough idea for a world called The Realms. Basically, there are a bunch of different dimensions (One where the gravity is random, one where giant earthworms burrow around, one full of dog hybrid creatures in a savannah, etc) and there is an ancient evil known as The Nightlord who is...
  3. Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    The Archmages Kinzer and her great grandson Drake. Kinzer is a half-Succubi, who leads The Watchers, assisted by her great grandson, who is a master of dimensional and parallel world travel. From "Bane of the Necromancers".