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  1. G

    How do you get reviews for your work?

    Hello! I recently finished a fantasy short story, and I would like to get some feedback on it, but the problem is I don't know how I should get them. I already posted my work on Reddit, a discord group, without any feedback. I am not a native English speaker and don't live in an...
  2. somerandomkid

    How to deal with two "chosen ones"?

    I have a story that, so far, has two chosen ones. Neither was created naturally; one by cult ritual and the other by specific experimental breeding of a part-angel human and a part-devil human. Essentially, the one created by ritual (D) was raised to be the messiah for the isolated cult he...
  3. BlufftonSWK

    I would appreciate feedback on my Magic System

    Hello! I used to use these forums years ago, though I lost my original username and the email associated with it. I recently got back into writing, and I'm going back to a story I've worked with on and off for a few years. I'm working on the magic system for my story, and I was hoping I could...
  4. Mari More

    Beta Reader / Critic / Proofreader

    Hi! Is anyone interested in critiquing my work? Mostly for grammar and punctuation errors. Also, I need a reader's perspective while reading the chapters, i.e. if it's boring, unclear, or interesting. There's 10 chapters and each chapter has 700 - 1000 words (mostly 700). Although, the problem...
  5. ThatGreenWriter

    First Novel

    Hi, I'm new to Mythic Scribes and, as a young author, I am trying to write my first novel. Genre: Fantasy. I have always really enjoyed reading fantasy novels, and would love to know if anyone has written a fantasy novel before? I'm really enjoying the process so far, but I'm not sure I'm doing...
  6. A

    beta reader swaps

    What is the principle or method behind beta reader swaps?