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  1. WritesWithUnicorns

    Mind Mapping Software For Mac

    I have been dickering around with the idea of mind mapping for some time now. Kept putting it off, writing by the seat of my pants. Managed to get to the middle of chapter five and realized the details I had been holding in my head had become completely unmanageable. My solution was to take a...
  2. fantasy_trance

    How to Write Free

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* In this thread, I'd like to discuss how to write free; and by "free", I mean "freely"- without inhibitions imposed on us by the doubts and insecurities in our mind. If we are world building, we can create realities in our stories unlike anything anyone's imagined before because each...
  3. Toby Johnson

    Free Writer's Newsletter

    hey all, I've started up a FREE Fantasy Writer's Newsletter. It is called 'Writer's Musings'. It will be a monthly thing, emailed out at the end of each month with some things in-between. Inside there will be sections like: -A memoir of the month. -What an author reads -writing tips from an...
  4. d20kaiju

    Places to Post Your Serialized for Free?

    Does anyone have any websites or platforms where you can publish your work for free consumption? I know of Wattpad, but that seems to be geared toward a younger audience. I would be especially interested in any that specialize in fantasy. If you have more than one, which is your favorite, and...
  5. M

    Will read and concept edit your work for FREE

    Hey guys, My names Ev and I'm a fantasy writer from Australia. I recently got back from studying at Faber Writing Academy in London where I wrote my first Fantasy Novel. Anyways, I'm trying to make a small scale publishing/feedback business for independent writers. I think that in today's age...
  6. Eclipse Era Of the Beast Cover Art

    Eclipse Era Of the Beast Cover Art

    http://jayemma.wix.com/fiction#!eeotb/c2414 Genre: Teen/Young Adult Drama/Adventure Contains: Violence/Adult Themes Liannah Desonnia, the fallen Dutchess of the Brightlands - turned rouge bounty hunter - holds a dark and agonizing past. When she is called upon by Hannah...
  7. The Brightlands

    The Brightlands

    Just as sun breaks, casting over the foggy morning valley. http://jayemma.wix.com/fiction#!eeotb/c2414
  8. Map of Dunagia

    Map of Dunagia

    Welcome to Dunagia - a Pangea like planet that supports both Children of the Gods and The Fallen. The native language is Dunagia and Dunagians refer to the planet as Don.  They have a simple alphabet paired with symbolic etches to explain complex concepts. It is primarily a...