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  1. J

    Wind Pattern and Ocean Currents in This Alternate Earth

    The dark browns in this map are the mountains, the light browns the resulting uplifts and the blacks the igneous provinces still visible to the naked eye with no consideration of millions of years of erosion. The question is actually simple--what will the wind patterns and ocean currents look...
  2. J

    In This Alternate Europe, Where Does Mediterranean End and Cold North Begin?

    So, in this alternate Europe, there are some obvious differences. First off, the Baltic Sea is no longer a sea, but now the Baltic Plain. Also, the Low Countries are absent entirely. There are only two mountain ranges in this alternate Europe--the ones we'd be familiar with are things of the far...
  3. J

    Complete Geographical Map of Great Lakes Earth--And the Questions that Come With It

    All the questions are in this link, because of the "thousand-characters" deal.
  4. Veda Geography

    Veda Geography

    The world of Veda.