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  1. Mari More

    Which of These Elements Can Enhance One's Eyesight

    I have five specific elements but I omitted Light & Shadow in my choices since there's no one who have this specific element except the MC. This is about the MC's Captain of the Guards/Knights. He is a bulky and strong man and has a kind heart. He's also a "simp" for the MC. He is one of the...
  2. Finley by Moonlight

    Finley by Moonlight

    3D rendernig performed with DAZ Studio 4.9 and the Iray rendering engine.
  3. LLPD Dragon exterminator

    LLPD Dragon exterminator

    Sometimes the police have to deal with dragon's nesting in the city, and not the ones native to the Dominion, no. Sometimes they have to deal with illegal exotic pet dragon's that people bring in from other countries.
  4. Gunne Knight

    Gunne Knight

    A 3D render of a mounted female knight carrying a blunderbuss. One of my first fantasy renders using DAZ Studio.
  5. Retreat and Regroup

    Retreat and Regroup

    Aurei, wearing her dead aunt's Drow armor, examines a Holy Sword of fellow Paladin Sir Davit. From "Aurei of Westmark".
  6. Nitthum's Bane 2

    Nitthum's Bane 2

    Eleazar rushes to the dying Aurei's aid after she was mortally injured by the death knight Thantus. From "The Knights of Northmarch".
  7. Aurei and Eleazar

    Aurei and Eleazar

    Aurei and the half-Drow/Half-Elf Paladin, Eleazar taking shelter in a barn after escaping from the Emperor's airship. From "The Knights of Northmarch"