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magic element

  1. Azul-din

    Magic- what is it in Fantasy?

    I know, it's like saying what is petrol to an internal combustion engine. Only I was wondering, what actually qualifies as magic in Fantasy writing? Mankind over the ages has created a whole body of fantastical characters, just begging to be brought to life by the storyteller. Anthropologists...
  2. Abhorsen

    The Aspects Of Magic From HP To Brandon Sanderson

    Hello all, I'm new here so go easy on me! :P I joined after discovering a fascinating thread of Old Kingdom fans! Thought I was the only one! Anyway, I wanted to hear what people thoughts were on how magic, or, the difficulty of magic, is presented in popular series. HP for example, are the...
  3. PianoFire

    Magic As a Tool, Instead of a Replacement for Technology

    Hey, first time posting. I’m starting to create the bare bones of this world, and I’m still getting the whole skeleton together. The basics that I have so far is that the most developed parts of the world do have very rough technology. Think DaVinci, and possibly bordering Tesla once...
  4. Mari More

    Which of These Elements Can Enhance One's Eyesight

    I have five specific elements but I omitted Light & Shadow in my choices since there's no one who have this specific element except the MC. This is about the MC's Captain of the Guards/Knights. He is a bulky and strong man and has a kind heart. He's also a "simp" for the MC. He is one of the...