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  1. L.L. Maurizi

    My Map

    I saw a post by sgbii with their map which has a lot of interesting feedback, so I thought I'd throw mine in here too, to see what you all think. I made the map with INKARNATE MAP (REDDIT)
  2. Agazile

    World Building

    Hello I'm really curious on people's thoughts on World Building and the scaling of it, I started making a map on Inkarnate and I'm quite proud of it but I've been told it's either too small or too big for a dramatic fantasy novel... I'm obviously not done with creating the landscape but I'm...
  3. marcmizz

    World Map

    Hi all, I was just wondering how many of you kick off the world-building process by drawing a map (if your book has one, that is). I'm almost finished with having my first novel proofread, and before I had written a single sentence (back in 2017!), I created a world map. I find that the rest of...
  4. Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101

    Worldbuilding 101 I will not say I know everything about worldbuilding, but I do have a good knowledge of how to so light worldbuilding, like that of Harry Potter, and Hard worldbuilding, like that of The Lord of The Rings. (Please note that in this I will be using Medieval Fantasy as my base...
  5. D

    Map making

    Ive read a couple of online stories and i have been wondering how they make their world map. Which program do they use? Can someone enlighten me?
  6. adamcbassett

    Worldbuilding Magazine V2I5: Cartography & Navigation

    Worldbuilding Magazine presents our penultimate issue of 2018: the Cartography and Navigation issue!We’ve packed this one full of over 70 pages of content, making it our biggest issue ever! You can expect to find… 2 artist features. 3 interviews, featuring Greg & Dan Cartography. 6 articles on...
  7. Working Map

    Working Map

    This is the map I am currently working off, mostly for logistics purposes :)
  8. In The Black Map

    In The Black Map

    A map of the known world as taught by Dominion Schools. The world has no name other then world, as the Dominion wishes to standardize everything. Speaking with someone not from the dominion you'll receive a variety of colorful answers.
  9. Sketch number three

    Sketch number three

  10. Tradore World Map

    Tradore World Map

    Almost done with it. Currently finding a good font and working with placement of location names and sizes.
  11. Kevlar's world, ver 1

    Kevlar's world, ver 1

    Though there is more to this world these three continents are where the action takes place. Well, the action just takes place in a little corner on one of them for now, but hey I have fun doing maps.
  12. Deveos - Coloured

    Deveos - Coloured

  13. Mistledale Town

    Mistledale Town

    Made for a Forgotten Realms Campaign I runed for a while.
  14. Deveos Land - draw

    Deveos Land - draw

    Hand draw of a land I envisioned for my writings long ago.
  15. Base Toruzkarr Map

    Base Toruzkarr Map

    This will be the base that made from a random map generator. I will edit so it can suit Torzukarr more.
  16. Lai'enalai


    Hand-drawn and created in Photoshop, Lai'enalai is my biggest and most in-depth Fantasy setting. It is where my next novel is set. There are no distance indicators in this image, but that's only because this is purely for aesthetics!
  17. Zif and Southern Aren Seas - Late Bronze Age of Yma

    Zif and Southern Aren Seas - Late Bronze Age of Yma

    The Zif and Southern Aren Seas and the surrounding area at the end of the Bronze Age and beginning of the Iron Age of the world of Yma, the setting for the novel "Escape from Shadow", book 1 of the series "Undying."
  18. All Hail Randonia

    All Hail Randonia

    Mapmaking practice using tutorials from the Cartographers Guild. I went a bit astray, but the end result was still decent.