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  1. Aelf Orkhe Comparison

    Aelf Orkhe Comparison

    I also wanted the different races to have differing body types. Orkhes are solid and stocky, built like power lifters, or MMA fighters, while Aelfs are lean with slightly longer limbs and shorter bodies to facilitate moving through trees and forests.
  2. Orkhe Concept 2

    Orkhe Concept 2

    The Orkhes are also influenced by modern tribals, and fringe cultures. While all races have tattoos, piercings, and wild styles of dress Orkhes tend to be the most extreme in their self expression. There is the deep need to make a strong first impression, and leave a permanent mark on the world...
  3. Orkhe Concept

    Orkhe Concept

    Rough ideas for the Orkhes of my world. Wanted to make them more Boar-like, but still relatable as individuals. I also wanted to include some elements that harken back to the Orkhe culture's master of Pottery with the designs.