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  1. Zeatt and Alvis

    Zeatt and Alvis

    Zeatt dines with her future husband, the Paladin commander, Sir Alvis. From "Bane of the Necromancers".
  2. King and Queen

    King and Queen

    King Haroldris and his wife, Queen Eioldth from "Aurei of Westmark".
  3. Retreat and Regroup

    Retreat and Regroup

    Aurei, wearing her dead aunt's Drow armor, examines a Holy Sword of fellow Paladin Sir Davit. From "Aurei of Westmark".
  4. Nitthum's Bane 2

    Nitthum's Bane 2

    Eleazar rushes to the dying Aurei's aid after she was mortally injured by the death knight Thantus. From "The Knights of Northmarch".
  5. Aurei and Eleazar

    Aurei and Eleazar

    Aurei and the half-Drow/Half-Elf Paladin, Eleazar taking shelter in a barn after escaping from the Emperor's airship. From "The Knights of Northmarch"