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  1. pmmg

    Finding an Editor

    For those that use a professional editor, who did you come to find the one you use? What do you think of them? Where they the first one you tried? What has your experience with been? What do you want to have in place before you send off your work for their pay for service?
  2. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log

    Writing Date 9260.6 (pm) Hi gang - welcome to the Captain’s Log. This journal’s been running since October 1998, but I’ve never gone public with it before, so … be gentle. My name’s Phil Busby (Wiglaf on Mythic Scribes). I live with my wonderful wife Susie and our two fantastic teenage kids on...
  3. Captain's Log

    Captain's Log

    From Here to Publicity - the trials and tribulations of a fantasy writer trying to finish off and publish his first novel.
  4. J Q Kaiser

    Self-Publication: Getting Published After?

    My book's development was going too slowly and I wanted to get my idea out there so last year I published the first chapter as a stand alone short story on Amazon. Now, I am finishing up the book and multiple publishers have policies about publishing anything that was self-published. In this...