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  1. D

    Non-human characters with black skin

    Hi all! I'm looking for some input on a fantasy novel I'm writing. A large majority of the story is told through the perspectives of a non-human species that has purely black skin. They have humanoid features (limbs and facial shapes) as well as another feature distinct to their species, and...
  2. M

    Having a problem with creation story for fantasy world

    I was trying to come up with some kind of creation/origin story for my fantasy world as it exists in the main part of the story, and have run into a bit of a race issue. I was thinking it would be cool if there were different hollows in this world that were each run by a family and had an animal...
  3. SinghSong

    Is my fantasy race/species too easily exploitable?

    So, in this particular world-building exercise, when coming up with the five species/Races in this world, I basically equated humans to rats (rattus rattus, i.e, Black Rats), and drew analogies between other species to come up with most of the distinguishing traits which differentiate them from...
  4. A

    Is it bad form to "copy" fantasy races from a specific source?

    There are many fantasy races going back centuries; Elves and Dwarves are key examples. These and other fantasy races are used and tweaked in all sorts of works, so they are considered fair game for writing. But what about newer fantasy races. There are a host of races found in D&D or other...
  5. male--madakari


    Male Madakari
  6. Omlaka Female Concept

    Omlaka Female Concept

  7. Omlaka Male Concept

    Omlaka Male Concept

    The Omlaka male concept.
  8. Kasari Male of the Jafe

    Kasari Male of the Jafe

    This is the a kasari maile of the Jage tribe. You will soon find out more at www.callofheroes.com