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science fiction

  1. F

    Reversia; a Clockwise Earth

    The Clockwise World New canon map V6 by Molotovsnowman as of March 1, 2024. Biome map by Molotov too Keep in mind this map assumes preindustrial CO2 levels. According to a quick Google search, otl earth has warmed up by roughly 1.1C since the start of the Industrial Revolution thanks to...
  2. Eduardo Ficaria

    Tell me what you think about this cyberpunkish setting

    After a long hiatus and some good rethinking, I think I finally got the basic setting I needed for writing epic cyberpunk/scifi stories with a dash of dark fantasy vibe. Find it in narrated form after this introduction and let me know what you think of it with your comments! Myrias aberrant It...
  3. S

    Forward Thinking ideas for my novel

    I finished my novel but i dont really see it standing out enough and I would love to get some ideas on forward thinking in the fantasy/scifi novel or other ideas that are different but attention grabbing? (structure for example) Below is a quick rundown of my book The Infiniverse is a...
  4. Eduardo Ficaria

    What do you think about this world building?

    I've written a sort of narrated summary of my setting, in which I've tried to condense the essential major themes, plots and players present in it. The idea is to use this as my "guiding star", beyond all the research I've already done, to which I can always come back to when I get "lost" while...
  5. Eduardo Ficaria

    Video essay about what is speculative fiction

    I came across a youtube video essay about what is speculative fiction and it's relationship with science fiction, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you here. Check the link below. Book Odissey channel: Science fiction vs speculative fiction. It also goes into giving concrete...
  6. M

    "Hey Everyone"

    Hello to the forum! Hello to all the Readers and Writers! I have loved Sci-Fi/Fantasy for as long as I can remember! From my days as a dewy-eyed boy dreaming of being Batman and Spider-Man, then my formative pre-teen years wanting to go on adventures with Percy Jackson and Carter Kane in...
  7. Eduardo Ficaria

    Neofeudal society in a hard scifi cyberpunk setting

    I'm working on a hard scifi cyberpunk story, but I'm having some trouble visualizing it. It's set around one hundred years into our future, and I don't want it to be perceived as another Blade Runner/Neuromancer copycat, although it will have (probably unavoidable) resemblances in certain...
  8. S.T. Ockenner

    Inspirational and interesting videos (speculation/speculative fiction related only!)

    Here's my example. It's a fascinating video, and you'd be surprised about how soon life on Earth ends.