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  1. M Corbett

    Advice for approaching scientists for help with research

    I am referencing some pretty cutting edge microbiology and neuroscience in my book but I’m not a scientist myself. Does anyone have any tips for approaching the researchers who authored the papers I’m using? I want to do this respectfully, with reasonable expectations of them.
  2. Eduardo Ficaria

    Musings about the laws of physics' assumed immutability

    Today I stumbled upon an interesting article that speculates about the possibility of hyperadvanced alien civilizations could not just be extremely good at using the laws of physics in their favour, but change or adapt them to their will. Link to the article below. Could an advanced...
  3. S.T. Ockenner

    Inspirational and interesting videos (speculation/speculative fiction related only!)

    Here's my example. It's a fascinating video, and you'd be surprised about how soon life on Earth ends.
  4. Momtoast

    Enclosed Bio Systems (think biodome?)

    Ok, so maybe this is more sci-fi than fantasy, but I was hoping you would all brainstorm with me anyway. I have a plan for a novel where everyone lives in floating cities. Each city would basically be an enclosed ecosystem, possibly cycling in things from the atmosphere around them but that...
  5. M

    Which of these would be the HARDEST to do?

    I’m writing a Star Wars story. Can I have your opinion on which of these would be the hardest to do in science? Choose what do you think is the hardest to do based on existing science and your limited knowledge of Star Wars science. I will provide links for stuff you are unfamiliar with. 1.)...
  6. v_legolas_gleaf

    World's End

    I have a question for the community: Let's say that we have a planet, very much like the earth (tilted at 23.5 degrees) and its sun (a normal yellow star). The planet is populated by normal human beings or human-like beings who have been living on its surface for countless years (say 2-3...
  7. A

    If you add Science facts to your Story how much do you Add?

    In my current novel I'm weaving in quantum mechanics, specifically quantum entanglement. I just don't know how much to explain and how much to leave to the imagination. I don't want to bore the reader to death. I want to create a tease and lead the reader along. How do you handle yours?
  8. M

    Tech levels for my sci fi world?

    I’m making tech levels for my sci fi world. It starts with the Post-Information Age, which is around (2030-2050) Next is the Fusion Age (2050-2100) Next is the Nano Age (2100-2150) Next is the Age of Ascendence (2150-2200) Finally we have the Omnipotent Age (2200+) For each age I need an...
  9. Wansome

    Have you thought about your sun, moon and more?

    Hello fellow travellers! A few weeks ago I came by a youtube channel named Artifexian, a worldbuilder who gives his worlds a sparkle of science. Really interesting in my opinion! So, I tried to give it a go myself and here's a tiny piece of the end result: Coffee 256, my planet, has a counter...
  10. M

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

    I’m trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have...
  11. J

    If Earth's Moon Were Ganymede-Like

    On my alternate Earth, its moon has a diameter of 3,274 miles and orbits the planet from a distance of about 665,000 miles. A five-mile-deep mantle separates its rocky crust from its core made entirely of iron. Questions follow: Will Earth still rotate at 24 hours and revolve around the sun at...
  12. Thunder Wells (Audiobook)

    Thunder Wells (Audiobook)

    Cover for the Audiobook version of Thunder Wells
  13. Thunder Wells Cover

    Thunder Wells Cover

    This as the cover for my apocalyptic alien invasion novel.
  14. Otherworldly Woman

    Otherworldly Woman

    Physicists experimenting with trans-universal travel have discovered a parallel world where dinosaurs like those of our own planet's prehistory still roam. Although this "Otherworld" has since been colonized by Terrans fleeing an ecologically devastated Earth, it was already home to an...