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  1. Asarax

    Asarax artworks ✨

    Hi there, I'm Asarax- fantasy digital artist and I want to show some of my art🥰 starting with few fanarts ,my friends characters and some commissions and lil sketch compilation - upper 4 are some npcs for my friends dnd dessert campain first in the middle is my dnd char Ida, hope I'll nake her...
  2. Loremongre

    Lore's corner

    Hello to all of you that's passing by. I managed to finish a coupple of works related to a personal project, so… here, I wanted to show you the best ones. Ok, that's all for now. For any question, ask freely.
  3. Working Map

    Working Map

    This is the map I am currently working off, mostly for logistics purposes :)