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story idea

  1. Jackarandajam

    What are your story seeds?

    I've had several conversations today that have led me to this question: What was the initial spark of inspiration for a story you've finished, and what did the initial, rudimentary development process look like? I tend to hit the ground running on stories inspired by a flash vision of a...
  2. Juljio

    Something I always wanted to do

    I always wanted to write stories when I was young. Brimming with fantasies, but they faded a bit when I started going to school. I finished my studies not long ago and was looking back on what I always wanted to do. So I started with a little story I had in mind it's not much but I would love...
  3. N

    Short Story Entitled: The Superland Enigma

    Just a short story that needs working on and perhaps some improvement. It contains a lot of sci-fi/philosophical themes, which help establish a kind of allegorical nuance. The story also ventures into metaphysical realms of individual experience. Link to story: The Superland Enigma Synopsis...
  4. Mari More

    Great story idea but don't know if I should continue writing so I need help

    Hi guys! I have this idea for my (future) work. The setting won't be in Earth, it'll be in entirely diff. world. I want both genders to have same standing in the society as much as possible but I don't want them to "mix" with each other. I want a prejudice or a clear divide on what each gender...