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  1. Lynea

    How much water could a forge consume in a day?

    I want to get a more specific idea of all the resources a typical medieval forge could use within a day, especially water. In my head, water plays a role but I don't know to what extent. Can anyone help me understand this field more?
  2. Chapter Seventeen- Metal and Magic

    Chapter Seventeen- Metal and Magic

    Calda's house was in sight, and the three youths crouched to stay low. Naelen had a stern feeling in his gut as he creeped toward the house. "We should stay quiet," he warned. "Last time I made too much noise." Lila acknowledged him with a nod. "Where to, little brother?" He gestured to the...
  3. Chapter Eleven- One Year Later

    Chapter Eleven- One Year Later

    Gumber- year 463 19 May Damien threw a bucket of used water onto the grass as he had done many times. The backyard of the manor sat several yards behind him. Damien loved going beyond the property limits. Out here, the forest was open and wild. Here, there were no footpaths that attracted...
  4. Axiels von Gerick

    Holy swords ?

    Needing some ideas about holy swords/weapons and powers that they can unleash
  5. Divided


    The beginnings of a novel I'm working on, hoping to garner some insight and critiques. A young woman from an obscure village is plunged into a daring journey, complete with sword fights, dragons,and a kidnapped princess.