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  1. J

    Does Knowing The Theme of My Novel Matter?

    TLDR: How important is it to have the theme of your plot (and subplots) nailed down prior to writing? As I have started down this path to write my first novel I’ve heard a lot of good advice when it comes to the importance of an overarching theme. Most will say having a theme is important...
  2. C

    Question about Theme

    Hello, I often encounter the advice that, when developing a main theme for a story, one should begin with a core truth and then invert it into a falsehood that the main character (MC) believes until their pivotal "ah-ha" moment. In my novel, a key theme is "You can always find light in the...
  3. Luís Santana


    For a while now, and after several unsuccessful attempts, I have tried to somehow connect my fictional world to my real world as an author. I still haven't got it! I mean, my Storyworld, it was made from scratch, without any connection to this world; All to serve the story. The laws of nature...