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  1. pmmg

    Methods of FTL travel

    Maybe more in the SciFi realm, but what do you think are good methods of FTL (Faster than light) travel, and if you were in the mindset, which would you want to use for your own fiction? How much suspension do you give for a method you know has problems scientifically?
  2. Tigerseye

    Modes of Transport

    Hi everyone, there has been something on my mind for a while when world building and that is travel. My world is quite large and I have several destinations that my characters will have to travel to that are very far apart. To make matters a little more complicated, my characters are not human...
  3. Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    Archmages Kinzer and Drake

    The Archmages Kinzer and her great grandson Drake. Kinzer is a half-Succubi, who leads The Watchers, assisted by her great grandson, who is a master of dimensional and parallel world travel. From "Bane of the Necromancers".