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  1. Thinking about her WIP

    Thinking about her WIP

    This is another piece of artwork rendered using DAZ Studio. I set up the scene with the framed picture in the background, but the picture in the frame was something different. I rendered the scene once, and changed the picture in the frame to what I had rendered. I rendered it again, and changed...
  2. Fae Punk

    Fae Punk

    Rendered in DAZ Studio with Iray engine. Rendered two different images and layered them together in postwork.
  3. Looking for Trouble

    Looking for Trouble

    Rendered in DAZ Studio with Iray engine. No postwork.
  4. Taia


    Taia model rendered in DAZ Studio.
  5. Finley by Moonlight

    Finley by Moonlight

    3D rendernig performed with DAZ Studio 4.9 and the Iray rendering engine.
  6. Gunne Knight

    Gunne Knight

    A 3D render of a mounted female knight carrying a blunderbuss. One of my first fantasy renders using DAZ Studio.