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  1. RiverNymph

    World Map

    Hi there! I wasn't quite liking any of the map building sites I was trying out, so I decided to just sketch one out. I am wondering if this is a realistic layout for a world? I've divided it into three main, specific biomes. This is a first draft, I haven't yet figured out where specific...
  2. marcmizz

    World Map

    Hi all, I was just wondering how many of you kick off the world-building process by drawing a map (if your book has one, that is). I'm almost finished with having my first novel proofread, and before I had written a single sentence (back in 2017!), I created a world map. I find that the rest of...
  3. J

    Complete Geographical Map of Great Lakes Earth--And the Questions that Come With It

    All the questions are in this link, because of the "thousand-characters" deal.
  4. Talmar map pples

    Talmar map pples