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young adult

  1. Yel

    Hi, friends! What is Young Adult

    I mean, I went to a bookshop, and saw YA section. Besides them is fantasy section(and scifi too). Arent they the same? Whats the difference between a fantasy and YA. I didnt bother to read them abit, silly me, but based on the cover design and intro at the back, I dont understand why they are...
  2. Dragons Breath and Fairy dust

    Dragons Breath and Fairy Dust

    Short stories set in the world of my book "Descendants of Magic", the tale of how the veil between the human world and Faerie land split and the chaos that followed, when Faerie became a part of Washington DC. It mostly explores a pre veil split Faerie land and the wonderful and terrible things...
  3. A

    This is a good point on the Fantasy genre

    This author on Wordpress points out how the Fantasy genre has expanded with more YA works being published. And I think her use of the term 'hybrid' refers to Fantasy mixed with the YA point of view. Does hybrid in this case usually mean mixing elements of two different genres, like a sci-fi...