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blog 2 Tales of Horror from Limburgish Folklore


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2 Tales of Horror from Limburgish Folklore
by Roel Karstenberg


The nights grow longer, the trees are slowly losing their leaves and the birds are losing their lust for singing songs of summer warmth. The Oak King makes way for the Holly King, for autumn has graced the Northern hemisphere.

More than a year ago I introduced you to my homeland of Limburg and its wealth of folklore which had yet to grace the English language. I figured it was high time to write a sequel to that article, and what stories better suit autumn than tales of horror? As before, these stories are taken from the works of the pastor H. Welters who collected a treasury of Limburgish folklore, all the way back in 1875-1876. The plot, pace and details of the original stories have been translated as faithfully by me as I could, with minor embellishment and elaboration here and there.

We will start with a tale from the Dutch Limburgish capital of Maastricht, followed by a tale from the south Limburgish town of Valkenburg. Grab yourself a mug of mulled wine, eggnog or even chocolate milk if you be so daring, and settle in for two tales of horror taken from Limburgish folklore.

The Iron Dame of Maastricht

On the North-Eastern side of the city, in the quarter of Saint Anthony, where the great and ever active factories of the gentlemen Regout and Stevens stood in all their...
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